Does the recent Bulls winning streak mean something?

December 20th, 2017

Shot charts with and without Nikola Mirotic

Since Nikola, has just played 6 games, there’s too few shots to make a passable shot chart of Chicago with him, so we will have to rely on team stats to figure what is going on.

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The first team ever to shoot more than half their shots beyond the three point line

December 2nd, 2017

For while we`ve been wondering if there is such a thing as too many three pointers for a team. Well we can keep asking ourselves that, as today December the second of 2017, The Rockets are shooting an NBA all-time record 53% of their shots from three point range, followed by last season’s Rockets with 46%. Third place is held by last year’s Cavs team, with 40%, a 13% difference. And it’s not even close to the second, just compare this years Rockets shot chart with 2001 NBA Champions LA Lakers, it’s a completely different sport!

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